The Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association (MSFCA) is made up of more than 1,700 senior fire officers that represent nearly 500 departments statewide. MSFCA is a member-driven organization that provides valuable information and training to its members on a wide variety of technical, operational and policy-oriented topics.

Vision: Just as the fire service is founded on the core philosophy of service to others, our Association is focused on providing for the members who are committed to the long-term health and sustainability of the Minnesota fire service. MSFCA focuses on developing current and future leaders by providing the best training, education and professional development opportunities available so they can continue to serve their communities with the utmost honor and pride.

Mission: To create strong, effective Minnesota fire service by engaging current and future leaders with the best training, education and professional development opportunities available.

Values: We believe that leaders who want to make a lasting impact on the association should strive for proactive leadership. A strong sense of PRIDE is a key value that brings together such qualities as honesty, integrity, reliability and loyalty, which is the foundation of MSFCA:

Professionalism: All members demonstrate a sense of commitment, devotion to duty and a level of professionalism that align with our vision, mission, and goals.

Respect: We believe in the basic dignity of every individual and value all members of the organization and our partners.

Integrity: All association actions are carried out in a transparent and appropriate manner. We are honorable to our profession and we accept ownership for our actions and decisions.

Diversity: We believe that diversity and inclusion breed productivity as the ability to learn and grow from each other is exponentially expanded. A multicultural exchange of ideas bolsters innovation and creativity.

Ethics: Every member, with due deliberation, lives according to a high moral code and places the public’s safety and welfare and the safety of members above all other concerns.


  • Build and maintain relationships with our members, allied associations, government officials, and valued stakeholders.
  • Support members through the delivery of quality member services, educational opportunities, and professional development.
  • Endorse, support and foster legislative and policy development initiatives that will enhance the fire service and advance firefighter, citizen and community safety.
  • Provide programs that foster and promote quality improvement and professional development for fire service professionals and agencies.
  • Seek out and recruit fire service leaders who will professionally and enthusiastically advance the vision, mission and values.
Joining MSFCA is an important step in a fire service member’s career development path. We encourage leaders and prospective leaders of all ranks to join, connect with other officers and take advantage of the many benefits of membership.