The Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association is involved in numerous areas of advocacy on behalf of our members. The Association is committed to diversification when making appointments to the various boards and entities we have seats on. This includes not only gender and racial diversity, but geographical and career/combination/volunteer representative diversity as well.

Appointments range from gubernatorial appointments such as the Minnesota Board of Fire Training and Education and Governors Council on Fire Protection, to State Boards such as the Radio Board or PERA Volunteer Pension Board, to organizationally created boards such as the Joint Fire Council or MnFAC which is our legislative coalition. 

Interested in serving your Association?

Below is a list of current open appointment positions:

  • Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, Construction Codes Advisory Council
  • Minnesota Incident Command System (MNICS)
  • Minnesota Propane Education & Research Council
  • Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) Statewide Volunteer Firefighter (SVF) Plan Advisory Board
  • Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) - Land Mobile Radio Committee (LMRC)
  • Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) - Legislative Committee
  • Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) - Next Generation 911 (NG911) Committee (Representatives who have responsibilities in PSAPs)
  • Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) - Steering Committee
  • Statewide Emergency Communications Board (SECB) - Wireless Broadband and Applications Committee

If you are interested in serving as the MSFCA appointment on any of these committees/councils, please contact the MSFCA Office at [email protected] or 800-743-0911.