MSFCA Interactive Kitchen Education Simulator

The Interactive Kitchen Education Simulator is the "State of the Art" interactive demonstration vehicle now available for MSFCA members via a generous donation from the Minnesota FAIR Plan.

The simulator is an interactive self-contained kitchen fire prevention and safety education tool. Participants are challenged to find hazards in the kitchen and prevention techniques using a variety of props provided in the simulator. The simulator features integrated digital flames in the oven and trash can, training smoke, sound effects and heat that correspond to the participants’ actions for realistic fire safety training. The participants can be taught to use the P.A.S.S method with a laser driven fire extinguisher to put the trash can fire out. The fire in the oven can be extinguished by leaving the oven door closed and turning off the heat. If the fire is allowed to grow, overhead heat lamps begin to intensify the heat in the room.

Kitchen Fire Scenario
Designed to resemble a real home kitchen, this setting uses heat, smoke, sound effects and digital flames to create an intense fire emergency. Challenge trainees of any age to respond correctly in this hands-on emergency response and hazard recognition training scenario.

Choose a combination of stove, oven and cabinet props and instruct trainees to use the proper P.A.S.S. technique to knock down the flames. The sparking microwave, smoking toaster, and smoking outlet show the hazards of improper use or placement of appliances and how to diminish a potential hazard. A chemical cabinet demonstrates how to properly store chemicals and prevent children from accessing dangerous materials. Overhead heaters, dense smoke, digital flames and sound effects combine to recreate the stress of an actual fire.

Host Department
Ramsey Fire Department
7550 Sunwood Drive NW
Ramsey, MN 55303
Contact: Assistant Chief Carey Schiferli
[email protected]

*Rental of the Interactive Kitchen Education Simulator has been suspended until further notice. Please contact the MSFCA Office with questions or concerns. We apologize for the inconvenience!*