Operational Resources

Experienced Administrative and Managerial team that will assist you per your needs.

Responder Rehab Program

To help mitigate line-of-duty deaths and injuries, MSFCA offers operational support for developing and sustaining first-responder rehabilitation programs. MSFCA uses the National Fire Protection Association's rehab objectives as a starting point.

Intrastate Mutual Aid Plan

The purpose of the Minnesota Intrastate Mutual Aid Plan is to provide local fire chiefs with easy access to large quantities of fire service resources that may be needed in a major fire, disaster or other major emergency. MSFCA members can download and complete an application to join the mutual aid plan. All Minnesota Fire Departments are eligible to take part in the Intrastate Mutual Plan. The MSFCA Emergency Management Committee oversees and manages the plan along with coordinating requested resources.

Minnesota Fire Chiefs Assistance and Support Team (FAST)
FAST is a group of fire service professionals that can respond anywhere in the state when requested and help fire chiefs in Minnesota. The team can help assess the department's needs, help the local fire chief staff a 24-hour operation for an extended period of time, and assemble the resources needed to help get the department up and running again. Any chief officer in Minnesota, regardless of MSFCA membership status, can request a FAST deployment via the MN State Duty Officer (800) 422-0798.