Responder Rehab Program

The working group for Responder Rehab is excited to push this information out. With the resources included on the website (see PDF files at the bottom of this page), organizations have the template to implement a program for their responses.  Rehab can range from a break in the shade after a car fire to a formal Rehab Area at a large incident. It is about allowing us to better care for our people. We use Responder Rehab because we realized early that it is not just about taking care of the firefighters on scene, it is about all responders.

The assembled body of work is the result of Fire and EMS discussing the rehab standard, incident priorities and creating a common operating picture to provide the best outcome for all responders. As more agencies embrace this body of work and operational format, the more seamless mutual aid support will be. It is our hope that all agencies in the state of Minnesota will find value in this body of work.

The Rehab Working Group used the NFPA 1584 Standard and Curriculum (funded by Masimo) as a basis for the final product. The working group consisted of Fire and EMS agencies from throughout the State. There are many different ways and tools to implement responder rehab; our hope is that we have made it easier for you with these tools.

Watch a video of a presentation of the Rehab Program that was done on February 15, 2011. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the working group members for their time and support for this critical project.  The participants are listed below:

  • Allina Medical Trans    
  • Burnsville Fire 
  • Cottage Grove Fire 
  • Golden Valley Fire 
  • HealthEast EMS 
  • Hennepin EMS 
  • Lake Elmo Fire
  • Life Link III 
  • M.A.C. Fire
  • Maple Grove Fire    
  • Maplewood Fire 
  • Minneapolis Fire
  • Mound Fire
  • North Memorial
  • Oakdale Fire
  • Richfield Fire
  • South Central EMS
  • St. Louis Park Fire
  • St. Paul Fire
  • Woodbury Public Safety

A special acknowledgement (and thanks) to Dr. Kevin Sipprell for his guidance and support on this project, as well as his continued work with the States Medical Directors.

Additional Resources

Rehab SOG Tag PDF (341.38 KB)
Rehab Check in/out Form PDF (83.65 KB)
Guide for Medical Monitoring PDF (461.95 KB)
Rehab Job Action Sheet PDF (158.65 KB)
EMS Rehab Protocol PDF (81.72 KB)
NFPA 1584 Curriculum and Objectives PDF (266.1 KB)
Responder Rehab Presentation PDF (6.93 MB)