Safety Hopper

MSFCA Safety Hopper

The cost to rent the Safety Hopper is $50 per day. Proceeds from the rental go toward upkeep and updating the Safety Hopper Program. The hopper is stored in a trailer which is able to be towed by standard vehicles and pickup trucks. The unit can be set up very easily and requires a 110 volt power supply. In the event of threatening weather, the hopper, which stands 19 feet tall, can be set up inside a fire station or other structure.

In addition to the hopper, public education displays, a public address system, a tv/vcr/dvd, a 911 simulator, handout materials, folding tables, and chairs are in the trailer for use.

The concept of this new educational tool is to attract persons of all ages, and once they are waiting their turn to use the jumper, use this time to educate the children and their parents in fire safe habits.

Host Department
Long Lake Fire Department
340 Willow Drive N
Long Lake, MN 55356
Contact: James Van Eyll
Phone: 952-473-9701
[email protected]

Due to safety precautions MSFCA is currently suspending the ability for members to rent/use the Safety Hopper and the 9/11 Memorial Float.